A bike shop on campus?

The University is investigating the potential of a student led Green Bike repair shop project, for use by staff and students.

It would be useful to receive feedback via this  (4 questions) survey.

It’s initially aimed at students which explains the wording of some of the questions, but your input would be greatly appreciated.


Trev Shields


Helmets – join the debate

With academic studies showing that mandatory helmet-wearing increases the danger of cycling, the CTC is standing up for well-kknown cyclists who are photographed without helmets – including the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Bradley Wiggins. More info here.

Ramp shennanigans

At the same time as the Learning Centre is being refurbished, University Estates are taking the ‘opportunity’ to make life more difficult for cyclists and pedestrians travelling from the West Gate to University Centre. The ramp is to be obstructed with two chicanes  bringing cyclists and pedestrians into conflict.

Ramp by Learning Centre

Currently they share happily a 12ft wide pavement – soon two 3ft funnels will be in the way. No evidence has been produced to support this change – only the usual anti-cyclist sentiments from others. Perversely it is  pedestrians who stand to lose most as cyclists will travel closer to them. The quickest way down by bike will of course be to hammer down the steps at  20mph on an ATB, as now…