Bike North Birmingham

Bike North Birmingham is an exciting project that is working to transform the profile of cycling in Erdington and Sutton Coldfield. The project targets ‘maybe’ cyclists, aiming to get more people riding a bike as part of their everyday lives, for example to the shops, to work, for leisure and for fitness and better health too.

This is being delivered through a package of fun, healthy and sustainable cycling activities across schools, workplaces and local communities. The Communities strand of the project (Bike Everyone) is delivering initiatives such as free cycle training and a range of led leisure rides suitable for beginners and slightly more experienced cyclists.

Volunteer Ride Leaders are key for our delivery of fun Led Leisure Rides, they are people who:

– Enjoy cycling and would like to help enable others to do so,
– Have an inclusive and motivating attitude to people of all cycling abilities
– Are able to lead a ride at least once a month

We are looking to train more volunteers to become Ride Leaders… would you be interested?

For more information please don’t hesitate to give me a call or email.

Best wishes,

Anna Blower

Bike Everyone Project Officer
Bike North Birmingham
Birmingham City Council


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