Towpath Closure Extended by Canal & River Trust

Update by CRT:

“To coincide with this towpath closure we have taken the opportunity to carry out additional improvement works to the mooring area at the Vale. However, this has unfortunately extended the completion date until October 1st.”

A bicycle spirograph

Hello Birmingham bike people

I spoke with a few of you earlier in the year about my Planetary Bike Ride proposal for the British Science Festival. Unfortunately that fell
through, but instead I’ll be bringing my Giant Drawing Machines to the Thinktank on Sat 6th and Sun 7th September 2014 (10.00am till 5pm) , including my ever-popular Bicycle Spirograph and Bike Cog Spirograph drawing activities (pics attached).

I’m looking for volunteer helpers each day, as the museum and BSF can’t provide them. Would you be interested in helping, or would any of the bike communities you’re involved with be up for it?

The work is unskilled (although bike skills would be handy) and a lot of fun. You’ll be demonstrating the giant patterns that can be drawn by changing gears on the bike. You can also work with my Giant Pantograph body-drawing machine. Hours are 10am-5pm each day.

Here’s the listing for the Giant Drawing Machines, including the Bicycle Spirograph:

Can you help?
NICK SAYERS Artist / Graphic Designer
T +44 (0) 1273 388751 M +44 (0) 7812 036415 E

Get “paid” to ride to work

As part of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution the Council has launched a Cycle Rewards Scheme. The Scheme is operated via the ‘PleaseCycle’ app and allows users to log their cycle journeys to earn rewards. You can cash in your bike miles for a range of local and national discounted offers and vouchers.
Three easy steps to log your cycle journeys and earn great rewards:
• Register at;
• Download the pleasecycle app to your Android or iOS smart phone; and
• Start logging your cycle journeys and earning BikeMiles.
If you don’t have a smart phone, just log your journeys directly on the website
BikeMiles are based on the number of journeys you make by bike – not on how far or how fast you cycle. You can cash in your BikeMiles for a range of local and national discounted offers and vouchers.

Ride around Ireland

Greetings from Coniston! In just over a weeks time I am riding a tandem bike in Race Around Ireland, a 1350 mile lap of Ireland. Colleagues from the University are involved as support crew and one of the charities we are supporting through the ride is the University’s Circles of Influence, cancer research programme linked to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

We will be riding on the National Cycle to Work Day 4th September and I wondered if there was scope to give the ride a bit of publicity to the University’s cycling community on that day? The race actually starts on 31 August and each support car has a GPS tracker to allow every racers progress to be followed in real time on the internet. There would seem to be a useful connection there and knowing more people are following our progress would be a great boost to us. If you want to see more details please visit or