Woul-be Campus Cyclists need your pledged donations – large or small – NOW…

BUBUG members – we need your spare change – please….(though ideally a bit more if you can spare it).


You’ll already know that Peter Edwards – the University’s sustainable transport officer – has been working hard over the years to increase the number of bike racks, bike shelters, bike boxes, cycle lanes etc for us on campus.  Well now he needs something from us.


He’s been championing our bid for a bike hire scheme to be used by staff, students and the local community and has been successful himself in getting some considerable funds for this bid.  We’re in competition with Swansea, Brunel, Surrey and Portsmouth Universities.  We’re lying second behind Swansea University currently who only need a mere £3,000 to make their target.  And they are ahead of us in reaching their goal.  BUT very hot on our heels is Brunel University.  They, like us, need to raise about £7,000 by 10pm THIS FRIDAY so it’s not just Swansea we are up against.


Can YOU help?  If all the BUBUG members on this list pledged a fiver (that’s a few pints of beer or one fish supper) that would help get things moving again (and remember – if we don’t win you get your money back).  If you can pledge a little more to help get this scheme here at the University then there are some great rewards on offer – especially if you enjoy your Sports.  For £40 you can get 10 exercise class vouchers  at the new UoB sports centre.  If you aren’t already a member of the Sports centre then Pay as You go for classes currently costs £42 for 10 sessions with a 6 month expiry on the voucher – so that’s all your money back!!!  For £65 you get 20 classes – so UoB is paying you to come and use their facilities.  Know anyone that this would make a good Xmas present for???  Or a good New Year’s get fit resolution for yourself?


So how about it – will YOU help…please?


The page is here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bikesforbrum  With the competition page here showing Swansea in the lead: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/santander-cycles



Come on BUBUG – can we help Peter reach his target???  Can you help bring this scheme to the University for the good of current and future cyclists?



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