Another new canal access ramp

Its at the canalfront of the new Unite/UOB student flats near the new Sainsbury’s. Flat acccss from the accommodation blocks and the retail park. Cyclist / pedestrian conflict could be  a problem in this area. Boaters now regularly complain about cyclists on towpaths, but pedestrians don’t have much of a voice,,,

New canal access ramp at Selly Oak station

A scheme for a lit alternative ti=o the Dingle is now out for consultation:


Could be useful for UOB cyclists who don’t want to use the steps at University station. The consultation ends on Sept 6th

A38 Blue Route – keeping it ridable

Is the new blue route being swept- do Amey own a small enough sweeper?If you think it needs sweeping then report via this link as the more that report it the more likely it is to happen:

Noticed too quite a few cyclists deliberately not using it. Its vital cyclists do so when we ask for money to be spent om us, there is evidence that such facilities do encourage cycling.

A38 Blue Route – first impressions

Given a  choice between the canal towpath or the new A38 cycleway, the blue route wins. There’s room for bikes to pass each other, major junctions are negotiated  easily with proper traffic light design enabling you to get successive greens across multiple roads at the Middleway and Priory Road. Pedestrians seem to be keeping out of the way – the blue tarmac seems to imply that this is not their space.

In town it ends in Kent Street (where?) which is reasoably close to Hurst Street and the Rea Valley route, but outbound from town there is no signposting at all.  8/10

Open at last – A38 blue route

We have been informed that the long awaited A38 cycle track will officially be opened this Sunday 9th June to enable people to ride along it to the ‘Let’s Ride’ event in the city centre.  This event marks the beginning of Bike Week and will mean some roads in the city centre are closed on Sunday:

British Cycling are offering a guided led ride along the new A38 cycle track on Sunday morning from the University:

The South Gate traffic lights – which have been troublesome for the last few weeks – will be working correctly from the 9th too.

South Gate troubles

Due to be finished in Oct 2018, then delayed to Mar 2019 and now delayed until ??? the embarassing story of delays to the A38 Cycle Route drags on. The latest wheeze from the contractors was to remove the traffic lights at the South Gate and replace them with temporary lights on both sides of the Bristol Road and on Bournbrook Road. But they missed out the South Gate , remedied y displaying a Give Way sign : very dangerous for both cyclists and motorists who had no way of telling whether a conflicting flow would suddenly launch towards them on green. Thanks to Peter Edwards for getting lights installed there. Pedestrians are still barred however.

Coming soon – more cycling-unfriendly infrastructure

It even includes a new roundabout! We thought Birmingham CC had no money but they seem to have enough to make Selly Oak even worse

There is to be a ‘Meet the Contractor Event’ relating to the forthcoming Selly Oak New Road phase 1B highway improvement scheme. The drop in event takes place on Thursday 31 January (between 1.30pm and 7.30pm) at Touchbase Pears, 750 Bristol Road, Birmingham B29 6NA.

Local residents and stakeholders are invited to attend the drop in event to find out more about the works scheduled to take place in the area from the end of March. Cyclists should try to get to this event.