Edgbaston Tunnel to reopen on May 25th

This should make cycling to tow easier. Do note that going south from the University that Turnover Bridge (Pershore Road) is still shut


Another delay to the towpath closure at University station

From the Canal & River Trust:

“Some of you may be aware of the difficulties encountered at the University Station towpath access site, and have no doubt seen that progress has been very slow recently. The towpath at this site is host to numerous underground services which have, in one way or another, caused some significant delays to the programme until they can be suitably diverted. We believe we’ve resolved the issues now and would hope to accelerate the scheme henceforth to install the new access steps. Unfortunately these delays, together with some recent bouts of vandalism, have had an effect to the programme which forces an extension to the current towpath closure between The Dingle and Somerset Rd Bridge. The re-opening date is now scheduled to be 11th November. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience that this will undoubtedly cause to you all. Suffice to say we’re increasing resource on site to bring about the swiftest possible conclusion to these works. In the meantime I’ll keep you all updated as the scheme progresses and have my fingers crossed for smooth progress henceforth. ”

Now just imagine if the A38 was closed for three months…

Another towpath closure

We’re not sure if these towpath closures are enforced as cyclists seem to find ways round the barriers with their customary initiative. The latest to be closed for Cycle Revolution surfacing is from Kings Norton Junction (where the North Stratford canal meets the Worcester & Birmingham) to Parsons Hill. The closure lasts from 27th July 2016 at 08:00 to 7th October 2016 at 17:00 inclusive.

Better late than never

Revised dates for replacement of the canal steps at University station have been published. Unfortunately a 6-week delay in starting means there will be still be disruption in term-time:

  • Overall construction phase 08.08.16 to 17.11.16
  • Towpath and access closure dates:
  • 18.08.16 to 20.09.16 for the removal of existing access steps and closure of access, piling new waterway wall etc.
  • 10.10.16 to 17.11.16 for installing the new steps and surfacing to newly widened
  • The towpath will be re-opened for one day on 10th Sept for the pre-arranged Canal Canter event.

Canal steps at University station to be improved

Ever since BUBUG started, we’ve been pressing for easier access from the canal by the station. The Canal and River Trust have informed us:


“The Canal & River Trust are currently working with
our partners at Birmingham City Council to improve
the canal access at University Station Bridge. The
works are anticipated to be underway between early
July and late October 2016, and will require
contractors to operate from within the canal, and
much of the towpath within this period. Wherever
possible the towpath will be kept open, but on
occasions it will be necessary to close the path to
allow plant movements, dismantling and construction
operations to take place. Please observe the closure notices and dates when these are
installed in the coming weeks, these will be installed on to the closure fencing in the
interests of public safety. We apologise for any inconvenience a closure may cause you,
and will endeavour to deliver the works as swiftly as possible.
The towpath closures will affect the path between the access at Bridge 80 Bristol Rd (The
Dingle), and the steps at Somerset Rd Bridge 84. Please be aware that the nearest access
with cycle channels will be further along at Islington Row Bridge 86”

There’s still no word from the C&RT as to actual dates – it will be announced on their notices page first (restrict results to ‘Worcester and Birmingham Canal’).