Old Green Bike Project base bites the dust!


Whatever happened to the Green Bike Project? We had hopes of it resurfacing after losing its premises at the University. Its Facebook page is quiet. Those premises Рofficially known as The Insecctory Р were demolished on Feb 8th.


Green Bike Project goes into storage

The Green Bike Project is moving off-campus, temporarily into store but hoping to find new bigger premises and a more receptive community. The move has been prompted by the University’s plan to knock down GBP’s building aka The Insectory, in order to make way for a huge teaching lab building.


GBP was stymied from the start by tiny premises and a competitor in the nearby Staff House courtyard, who were able to offer some free repair work. Also the University never really ‘got’ the idea of a member co-op where members co-operatively improved their skills, and always saw it as just another campus ‘shop’ and judged it through that lens.


We realy hope that they can thrive somewhere else. GBP is on FaceBook



Bike Maintenance lessons from the Green Bike Project

*——Bicycle Maintenance Lessons: How to mend a puncture——-*

Monday 5th Oct, 5pm in the Green Bike Project – Facebook event –

Come along to the first in our series of basic bike repair sessions
where we teach each other in a friendly atmosphere the essentials of
bicycle maintenance.
The sessions are organised by our volunteers to help pass on knowledge
of bicycle repair ensuring our members have the appropriate knowledge to
keep their bicycles well oiled and healthy. The sessions will be
overseen by our certified mechanic but there will be an emphasis on
skill sharing and self help.

Green Bike Project Launch Event

*———–Launch Event – Thursday 3rd 7.30pm————*

Come along to the workshop this Thursday and celebrate the creation of
the Green Bike Project! This is a great chance for people to meet each
other and get to know the people involved in the Bike Project. If you
aren’t a member already, it is a good chance to become a member of this
co-operatively owned project. There will most probably be some nibbles
available too. Find the facebook event here:

FEATURING AN ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE by local 6 piece gypsy/reggae/hip-hop