Roadsense Answers

1 – If there is a cycle lane available do you have to use it?

No.  Cycle lanes are discretionary.  In some cases they actually encourage risky cycling and are more dangerous than riding in the road.  We discuss when and when not to use cycle lanes during Advanced cycle training.

2 – Cyclists are legally entitled to ‘filter’ through traffic jams:

True – on either the left- or right-hand side.  Filtering should always be done with caution, and neither side is 100% ‘safe’.  But filtering through traffic is a key advantage of riding a bike, so it’s useful to learn how.

If you filter up the left-hand side you need to be very wary of passengers in the cars suddenly opening their doors to get out, vehicles turning left across your path into side roads and driveways and especially HGVs and buses which have very large blind spots on the left. Filtering up the right is usually a better option, but you still need to be aware of cars turning right across your path (the driver probably won’t expect anyone to be overtaking them).


3 – Which position should you ride in to overtake a parked car?

B        You should always pass stationary cars with more than enough space in case a door opens unexpectedly.  C is unnecessary; A is dangerous.

4 – Where should you wait to make a right turn?

E         This is ‘primary position’ – the centre of the lane which is advisable whenever you want to tell the driver of the vehicle behind that it is not okay to pass.  If you were a car, you would be here anyway, so you’re not delaying anyone.  Advanced riders might choose to use position F, but only if the are comfortable being ‘undertaken’ by vehicles on their left.

5 – Where should you wait to make a left turn?

    H         Again, primary position is best. If you choose G then some drivers might try to overtake you as they turn left, which will squeeze you into the kerb and potentially cause a collision.


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